Our Farm - From Colombia to You

We combine the best Arabica Coffee from Colombia with New Orleans culture.

The Great Andes mountain range gets divided in Colombia into 3 mountain ranges; Western, Central and Eastern mountain ranges. The departments of Risaralda, Caldas, Quindío and Valle del Cauca, is where coffee plantations along the hillside developed and this area is know as the Paisaje Cultural Cafetero and since 2011 Unesco inscribed it on the World Heritage list. Our small farm, "La Finca" is located in the western slope of the Central mountain range in Ulloa Valle del Cauca.

Quality is found at origin. Our specialty coffee comes from a small family owned farm located in Ulloa, Valle del Cauca in Colombia and it is freshly roasted in New Orleans.

For every bag of coffee you buy from us, you contribute to the quality of life of the farmers in the region by improving schools for their children.


La Finca


small coffee trees

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