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Del Valle Coffee

Del Alto Valle Coffee Whole Bean - Original

Del Alto Valle Coffee Whole Bean - Original

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Honey processed coffee is our flagship. This method creates a clean smooth flavor and enhances the sweetness and body of the bean, preserving the caramel and cacao taste. We are very proud of this unique coffee.

Quality is found at origin. Our specialty coffee comes from a small family owned farm located in Ulloa, Valle del Cauca in Colombia and it is freshly roasted in New Orleans.

Variety: Cenicafe
Process Method: Honey/Sun Dried
The Cup: "Smooth with notes of caramel and cacao."
Acidity: Mild
Roast: Medium

The “honey” process is the result of leaving the bean's sticky mucilage covering intact after the coffee cherry has been de-pulped (when the outer skin gets stripped off the bean). This process does not involve washing the coffee immediately; therefore, it has the environmental benefit of using less water. By leaving the “honey” coat on the bean, it gives the coffee a sweeter taste with subtle notes of chocolate and brown sugar.

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