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Del Alto Valle Coffee

Del Alto Valle Coffee Whole Bean - Geisha

Del Alto Valle Coffee Whole Bean - Geisha

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Best Coffee Award at NOLA Coffee Festival 2023!

Geisha coffee is renowned for its distinct and complex flavor profile. It often exhibits floral and tea-like aromatics and other delicate floral elements. The taste can be characterized by its vibrant acidity, nuanced sweetness, and a clean, silky body. Tasting notes might include hints of tropical fruits, stone fruits, and citrus. Geisha coffee is known for its rarity and limited availability. The trees are less productive compared to other coffee varieties, and the meticulous care required during cultivation, harvesting, and processing further restricts the quantity of Geisha coffee that can be produced.

Variety: Geisha
Process Method: Washed/Sun Dried
The Cup: "Floral , profound sweetness with clean silky body."
Acidity: Refined balanced acidity
Roast: Medium

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